Mette Mannseth, the champ

We visit Mette Mannseth at her breeding farm Þúfur. You will get to a clinic where Mette shows how she lunges with equiband and you will hear her comment on how she wants her horses exterior to be. Talk: English Text: Swedish

  • Visit Mette Moe Mannseth in her stable

  • The horse of Mette’s dreams - this is how it should be

  • “I would compete in lungeing if I could”. Join a clinic where Mette lunges using equiband.

Kirkjubær, Árbæjarhjáleiga and Fet

The breeding farm Kirkjubær is well known for its red horses with blaze, but did you know that the four mares that all the Kirkjubær horses come from were black? Visit the farm of Kirkjubær and hear the fascinating story about its horses. Spoken: English, Text: Swedish

  • Kirkjubær – home of the red horses (15 min)

  • Árbæjarhjáleiga – where the king is called Jarl (7 min)

  • Ólafur Andri Guðmundsson is manager of Fet breeding farm in Iceland.  He gives us a clinic with the mare Nína frá Feti.  8,56 min

Kjarr, Árbakki and Sigvaldi Lárus Gudmundsson

Meet the legendary stallion Stáli frá Kjarri. Here you meet him at home, and can see that his temperament is the best you ever saw in a stallion. Nice and gentle, but with so much energy when he is asked for it.  We also make a visit to Árbakki, one of the biggest exporter of horses out of Iceland.  We also get a clinic with Sigvaldi Lárus Gudmundsson riding the stallion Bráinn frá Oddsstöðum I IS2009135715. Spoken: English, Text: Swedish

  • Stáli frá Kjarri - the legend  11 min

  • Árbakki - 11 min

  • The stallion and the rider.  11 min

Austurkot, Edda Rún, Siggi Matt and Matthías Sigurðsson

Páll Bragi Holmarsson was the team leader of the successful Icelandic team, but he himself could not take his stallion Sjálfur frá Austurkoti to a competition outside of Iceland. He has promised the horse never to sell him and to fulfill this the horse will never leave Iceland. Spoken: English, Text: Swedish

  • Meet  Páll Bragi Holmarsson and his wife Hugrún Jóhannsdóttir on their farm Austurkot on Iceland. 43 min

  • The boy and the stallion, 16,36 min

Súsanna Sand Ólafsdóttir and Súsanna Katrin Sand

Súsanna Sand Ólafsdóttir is judge, trainer, breeder and chairman in the Icelandic Trainer Assosiation. She loves her old stallion Óttar, still trains him and aims for the next Landsmót when he will be 25 years old. We meet Susanna and her stallion - and we also get a clinic where she shows some of the problems we might have in our riding. Spoken: English, Text: Swedish

  • "We aim for Landsmót when he turns 25." 14 min

  • Clinic with Súsanna Sand Ólafsdóttir. 22 min

  • Time to play. Súsanna Sand Ólafsdóttir and her daughter Súsanna Katrin Sand play with their horses to make the training more interesting for them. 7,26 min

Þóroddsstaðir, Helgi Gudjónsson and Sigvaldi Lárus Gudmundsson

Þóroddsstaðir is a breeding farm which has been in the same family for four generations and has accomplished first class horses throughout the years. We visit Bjarni Þorkelsson and get to meet his beautiful horses. Spoken: English, Text: Swedish

  • Four generations of breeders 4,35 min

  • He transforms young horses into competition horses. 9,19

  • The professional rider Sigvaldi Lárus Gudmundsson shows us a normal training session with the stallion Bráinn frá Oddsstöðum. 11 min

Spúni frá Vesturkot, breeding farm Austurás and Þristur frá Feti

Spúni is one of the most famous icelandic stallions in the world. He was the first foal to be born on the farm Vesturkot in Iceland when the breeding there started. Spuni was the stallion with the highest score of all 8,92 total and 9,25 for riding. Here we visit him in his home.
We also make a visit to the farm Austurás where the breeder Haukur Baldvinsson shows us the beautiful brothers Draupnir frá Stuðlum and Jökull frá Stuðlum. 
And we go to a birthday party - the legendary stallion Þristur frá Feti with about 700 offsprings turned 20 years old and was celebrated with a cake and a party at Reykjavik.

  • Spúni frá Vesturkot

  • We visit the breeder Austurás in Iceland.

  • Þristur frá Feti turns 20